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Here is the Seamless Creative Content team. Dedicated to providing great quality content, fantastic service and determination to make every project stand out. The team are trained in the ways of film and video production, acting, voice acting and business development. They learn fast and work faster, providing customers with a service that is not only reliable and efficient but is uniquely tailored to accommodate the needs of the client and is relevant to their brand.


Founder, Cinematographer


Since an early age I have been committed to being a film maker and have taken every opportunity available. Working on video projects through Cirencester College for the charity Fly2help and filming a Guinness World Record attempt by the Royal Agricultural University. Since leaving college I worked for Landscapeplus as their media specialist  producing the product photos on their new website and creating many how to videos. My focus now is on camera work and cinematography and have spent 2016 working on my first feature film Cahoots as well as creating my own creative content company.


Writer, Director


I pride myself on thinking outside the box and always approaching a project in a unique and creative way. Whether it’s being at the helm of our first feature film ‘Cahoots’ or working on live event video installations for clients I always enjoy working with talented people to get the very best out of a project. Creativity is extremely important to me and I think you can never overestimate the value of Ideas. From working with a great range of clients such as Fly2help, The Royal Agricultural University, The Stroke Association, Landscapeplus and more I have gained great hands on experience as a director and a creative thinker that helps me meet the very highest professional standards on every project.


Actor, Assistant Director


I have been acting for as long as I can remember. Starting in school on stage, then progressing to amateur dramatics and more recently performing in short films. This experience has helped me develop skills on paper, on screen and behind the camera to create visual art that is both beautiful and inspiring. I have an eye for talent and a head for business, but what matters most is producing content that makes a difference.


Writer, Voice over artist


I'm a passionate performer, writer and voice over artist, having recently completed my degree in acting from Bath Spa University, developing my writing and audio knowledge, I cannot express enough how excited I am to work with Seamless Creative Content. Thanks to this opportunity I have the chance to develop a range of my own work from Sitcom's about the dead to computerate videos on how to make bread I cant wait to lend my creative eye to the projects of Seamless Creative Content.

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